Cumberland Foodstop

(207) 829-3250
6am - 9pm Weekdays
7am - 9pm Saturday
10am - 7pm Sunday

Produce and Cheese

Fresh produce and cheeses. From bell peppers and brussels sprouts to sharp cheddar and aged parmesan. We regularly carry local sourced eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, and fine cheeses.

Miscellaneous Grocery

We have a variety of different grocery items that include sauces, baking necessities, pastas, breads, cat and dog food, and many more.

Drinks & Dairy

We carry a large variety of Coke, Pepsi, and Hood products. We also have high quality butter, cream cheese, and organic milk.


We stock basics like medication, batteries, and other necessities.


From chips and pretzels to ice cream and candy, we have something for everyone.